Hmmm so I was thinking…college is pretty crazy. Every year, you discover that you have fallen in love with a new group of people – people who only four years prior were strangers, mere nobodies. and almost as soon as you realize the depth of your heart for them, for their safety, for their future, for all they will become, you are confronted with the reality that you must let them go; and that you must make room in your heart for a new group of strangers. how do we go through this? yeah yeah, i know..this is so cheesy (wow tyler, get a life man). but seriously, how can our hearts be so dang wishy-washy?

but i’ve come to realize after the many late nite chats, qt’s, fellowship, through guidance from my older bros and sis’ and ultimately through the word, that the answer is no. it’s impossible to love and then love again, and then love again and then again. that is, until you realize that what you thought was your heart beating for these people was never your heart alone but that was, from the beginning, always G’s heart for these people revealed to yours. right? it’s impossible to love in this way until you realize that your growing love for a group of people is not so much your love growing as it is G’s love spurring in your own wretched heart. it’s like the cliche romantic comedy punch line, “it’s not you, its me.” HAHA yup, imagine G saying that to us. ‘Cept, he’s not alluding to the eventual break-up, but the eternal marriage we have with his son, JC.

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever ~psalm 73:26