Let’s face it.  Most of us have a weird relationship with sleep.  It’s like how you related to that one boy or girl you liked when you were in elementary school.  Don’t lie.  You remember their name (Savannah, lol).  You teased them, you avoided them, you “hated” them. But whenever they were around you got butterflies in your stomach and you never wanted to see them go.  I think that’s how many people relate to sleep. Well, that’s how I relate to sleep. In once sense I don’t want to sleep.  I do everything I can into the late hours of the night (or morning) avoiding sleep.  But once I’m there I never want to let go.  It’s like that winning lottery ticket and we cherish it and cling to it ever so tightly.

Thus the dilemma many of us face in the mornings.  The alarm goes off, the cell phone buzzes, the roommates move around, or in my case you live next to the dorm hall entrance and you hear it open, close, open, close.  Pick your poison.  You are stirred out of your slumber and thus the dilemma.  You’re in bed, covers keeping you warm and the day’s responsibilities and schedule are ahead of you.  Most importantly, you know there is a Water you need to drink and a Bread you need to eat.  But that can wait you tell yourself.  Why?  Because “I need sleep.”  There’s an email or a text from someone important waiting in the Word for you. But that can wait you tell yourself.  Why?  Because “I need sleep.”  There’s a verse in there that if you meditate on it it will help you choose wisdom over sin today.  But that can wait you tell yourself.  Why?  Because “I need sleep.”  There’s an encouragement that’s waiting to be discovered and shared with that friend God has planned to send your way this very afternoon.  But that can wait you tell yourself.  Why?  Because “I need sleep.”

This morning I laid in bed, alarm blaring at 7:30. This morning, there was one thing ringing in me…this line, “I need sleep.  I need sleep.  I freaking need sleep.”  But in the back of my mind there’s a quiet and distant competing refrain. Consider it the holy spirit. “Ty, Ty, Ty. Wake up, you need me.” Holy Spirit gets no credit haha…

What do I really need?  And whose voice will I listen to?  Do I really need 15 more minutes of sleep or 15 more minutes basking in God’s promises?  Think about it this way.  Sleep offers you physical warmth underneath your covers from the coldness that’s “out there,” ‘be it your school, friends, insecurities.  God offers you spiritual warmth from the coldness that will overtake your heart if not communing with him.  Sleep offers you delay from the inevitable responsibilities, duties, obligations, tests, meetings, confrontations, and other assaults that will plague you today.  God offers you strength and encouragement to face the inevitable and endure through every test, trial and temptation.  Lastly, sleep offers you the joy of dreams and fantasy to escape the pressures and worries of life, and to for a brief moment imagine a life of rest.  God offers you the beastly promise; he grants peace to those heavy burdened and promises to make fantasy a reality and offer to you true rest for the soul and body.  So what do you really need in the mornings?  I’m asking you to reconsider.  I think I know what I need…but will I do it?

*If you’re able to wake up and do devotionals with God at other times of the day (afternoon, evening, before sleep) that is amazing and press on!  In this post I’m speaking of myself and how I look to wake up in the early mornings, only to lose my fight with my idol, sleep.

**Lately, I’ve also been subject to anxiety and a slight mental breakdown. For those of you (who read this blog) or feel what I feel, be encouraged by this verse.

“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God;believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also. And you know the way to where I am going.”

-JOHN 14:1-4

-ty ❤